Alternative Energy Sources – No More Utilities Bills

Alternative Energy

Do you know just how many ways you could produce your own energy? Below are four ways to generate your own power and get rid of your electric and gas bills. Just think, by creating your own energy you no longer have to rely on utilities companies. You can supply your own heat and electric.

Energy Fact : The average monthly electric bill varies from state to state. However Hawaii’s monthly rate is $203.15 and New Mexico’s monthly rate is $74.62. So, most of the US will fall in between those two rates.

Alternative Energy Sources

Tidal Power
Solar Power
Hydroelectric Power
Wind Power

Defining Alternative Energy Sources

To me alternative energy sources include any source of power you can generate on your own. That means you don’t play a continuing monthly bill. Therefore a generator could be added to this list even though it uses fossil fuel. I think no matter what alternative energy source you decide is best for your situations a generator is a good backup.

Tidal Power

Although oceans that produce tidal waves cover over 70 percent of the earth; many people don’t realized the energy potential. Using a tidal barrage, which is very similar to a damn, it collects water at high tide. Once the correct level is achieved the water is force through turbines which creates energy. Sure, as an individual this alternative energy source may not be possible; but as a country we are missing out.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power was the great alternative energy source of the 20th century. And it’s still great today. Some people living off the grid have designed micro hydroelectric systems. Hydroelectric is clean and green.

Solar Power

I have written post on solar power before, so I will list the link below.
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Wind Turbine Power

We have all seem a wind mill or two, but did you realize it was creating power? Until I started my off grid journey I didn’t have a clue. Wind turbines work when wind spins the turbine blaze thus creating energy. What the video for more information on Wind Turbines as an alternative energy source.

So, that alternative energy in a nutshell.