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Increase Your WiFi Signal

Looking for a way to significantly boosts your WiFi signal strength? I have the answer. The product is called “US3 Super USB Wifi Antenna”. What does it do? Just keep reading below.

The Super USB WiFi Antenna by C Crane increases your WiFi signal whether you’re indoor or out up to 1 mile. The device is made from durable water resistant materials. Best of all it’s easy to setup and have outstanding performs. Use it with Miscrosft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, and 8) or Mac OS 10.4-10.8. The unit features multiple mounting options, 15 ft USB cable, and is compatible with 802.11B, G and N.

Don’t get confused. This is not a Wifi Extender, it a Wifi Booster. What’s the difference: an extender, repeats your WiFi Network’s signal. A booster amplifies a WiFi signals that may be further away.

Use the device at home, in the office, and best of all in your Car, RV or off grid homestead. The unit weights in a just 1.8 ounces and measure 5.2 x 2.5 x 11.5 inches.

Watch the video below to understand how Antennas work

If you have another product that increases WiFi signals post it in the comment section below.

Internet On The Road

RV Mobile Internet Options

With people choosing to live full-time in their RVs the need for stable internet access has never been greater. So, what are the best RV internet options for stable mobile access to the net? Please view the list below to see which options will work best for you.

RV Internet Options

Internet Tethering On Your Cell Phone
Satellite Internet Access
Free WiFi


Option 1: Internet Tethering On Your Cell Phone – When you tether your cell phone to your laptop or tablet what you are really doing is turning your cell phone into a hotspot also known as broadcasting a WiFi signal. Some cell phone carriers allow tethering while others do not. It’s best to contact your service provider before using any tethering features. The carriers that do offer tethering services usually charge an additional fee. Be aware of the terms of service. Just because you have unlimited internet access on your phone doesn’t mean the service provide will look favorably on excess tethering internet access.

How To Enable WiFi on your iPhone

Option 2: Satellite Internet Access – The internet service provider will provide the satellite dish that gives you access to the internet. Some satellites can be mounted directly to the RV, while others come with a stand and can be placed on the ground. Many of the service providers do not offer unlimited service access to the internet. So if you are a big Netflix , YouTube, Hulu Plus, or any other streaming media watcher you will find that your allowed usage will be used up fast. Therefore, before signing-up to a satellite internet service provider make sure to view their plan options.

How Satellite Internet Access Works

Option 3: Hotspot Internet Access – A hotspot, also known as a MiFi device broadcasts a WiFI signal which enables internet access to other devices like your tablet or laptop. Almost all cell phone companies have a hotspot device. These devices come with service plans similar to your cell phone. Make sure to select a plan that fits your needs. None of the plans I have viewed offer unlimited service but there are some plans that drops or slows down your internet speed once the MB threshold is reached.

Hotspot Internet Access

Option 4: Free WiFi Internet Access – If you are in a location that offers free WiFi like a campground or chain store it’s best to use that internet options over the above mention internet access options. The drawn back is that you are not always in a location that has free WiFi access.

Summary: All of the options listed come with their pros and cons. I currently use a mix of all of the above to stay connect to the internet in my RV. There is a price tag associated with always having internet access but it’s worth it to me to have the freedom of being on the road in my RV. If you have other RV Mobile Internet Options please listed them below in the comment section.


Amazon Fire TV Another Off The Grid Entertainment Device

The New Streaming Video Device: Amazon Fire TV

I have talked about Chromecast but now Amazon has entered the streaming video device arena with the new Amazon Fire TV unit.

As I have written before, Chromecast didn’t work with Kindle and now we know why. Amazon has released its own streaming digital device called Amazon Fire TV. The device is a tiny box with an intuitive remote that plugs into your HDTV. With the fire TV unit you will be able to watch Netflix, Prime, Instant Video Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, Crackle, ESPN and much more.

Unlike the Chromecast the Amazon Fire has build-in voice recognize features. Now just speak what you want to watch. Watch what you want, when you want, where you want. The unit features a powerful processor. The processor is a quad core with a dedicated GPU. With its claimed smooth interface and 1080p video playback watching TV with the Fire should be fun and clear. The unit also promises to provide wonderful sound quality via Dolby digital plus surround sound.

To sweeten the pot, Amazon has added some games. The games included with the device are Minecraft, The Walking Dead and a few others. They have also released the new game called Sev Zero from their game studio. The new Sev Zero game can be played via the Fire TV or Kindle tablet. There is even a game controller that you can purchase separately. Amazon is hitting the market hard with their new device.



The unit is less than an inch thick. Now that’s tiny. Hooking the device to your HDTV is simple. Like other streaming devices the unit hooks via an HDMI connection. Amazon claims the device will be easy to use and setup. With two simple steps you could have access to the massive selections for your viewing pleasure. What more could you ask for?

Here’s the Streaming Device Breakdown

Amazon Fire TV has voice search, HDMI video out of up to 1080p, Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, Optical audio out, a quad-core processor, 2 gb of memory, dual band and antenna Wi-Fi, and comes with a remote. Cost $99

Chromecast doesn’t have voice search, or Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, or Optical audio out, or comes with a remote. However Chromecast does have a single-processor, 512 mb of memory, and Single band Wi-Fi connection. Cost $35

The Amazon Fire TV measure 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.7″ and weights just under 10 ounces. The unit runs on a soc platform called Qualcomm snapdragon and has a Qualcomm Krait 00 processor, which is a quad core processor.

What’s In The Box

In the Amazon box you will find the Amazon Fire TV unit, Remote, 2 AAA batteries for the remote, instruction manual, and a power adapter. The HDMI cable will have to be purchase separately along with the game controller.

Purchase the New Amazon Fire TV Now!

I have not personally used this system yet therefore I have not given the device a grade.  Please comments on your experience with the device and I will update based on my visitors experiences.