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Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Symptoms and Treatments

What Is Lyme Disease?

Have you developed a rash, suffering from joint pain, and have a fever? If the answer is, yes; you may have Lyme disease. So, what is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease falls under the infection category. It’s caused by tick bites. Once bitten by a tick that is infected with Lyme disease a rash normally forms and gradually increases in size.
Ticks are insects that attach to host animals and humans, and then bite. They are commonly found on blades of grass or in shrubbery.

Lyme Disease Symptoms

The first symptom of Lyme disease is the dreaded rash. As the infection spreads throughout the body patients began to experience joint and muscle pain, stiffness throughout the body, limb swelling, fever, and then fatigue.


If you’re suffering from all of the above, chances are you have Lyme disease and need to consult a physician. Doctors normally treat Lyme disease patients with a course of antibiotics. The antibiotic treatment recommended by the experts is anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. During treatment, patients may gradually start to feel better. However, at least 20% of people treated with antibiotics still suffer from the symptoms of Lyme disease up to 6 months.

Lyme disease is not like Chicken Pox. Once you have recovered from Lyme disease, if you are exposed to another infectious tick, you can again suffer from the disease just as you had the first time; which means, you will again have to take a course of antibiotics.

Lyme disease is not past from person to person; meaning the disease is not contagious. Although not contagious, people currently undergoing treatment should not donate blood.

If you have had Lyme disease and are still suffering from the commons symptoms, please consult with your doctor; you may have been exposed to the disease once more.

Nevada Solar Power Issue

Nevada Solar Power Issue May Kill Your Off Grid Dreams

Nevada has decided to kill the solar industry in their state. How, you ask? Though regulations and increased monthly bills. The bigger question is … if it works in Nevada will other states adopt their policies?

In 2009, the State of Nevada was one of the leading states for solar power. The state prided itself for fueling our energy future with the power of the sun. The state open a solar plant named “Solar One”.

So what happen? Here’s the story now … Back in December 2015, Nevada regulators decreased the incentives for homeowners installing solar panels. Opponents for this decrease argue that giving incentives to people who provide their own electricity distorts the marketplace.

Not only are they decreasing the incentives for installing solar panel they are also increase the monthly fee solar customers pay. Meaning that if you have a grid tie system … when you draw energy for the grid it will be at a higher rate. And just to make sure you understand the shift in Nevada Solar policies, they will also be decreasing the credit that solar customers get for providing power to the grid. This is not going to have tomorrow because the new policies are retroactive.

The big winner in all this regulations is Nevada’s Public Utility Providers. Some of the companies that install solar system have already made plans to leave the state, meaning jobs lose on top of everything else. The loser in all this is the people on more than one front.

Why is this story important? If Nevada can passed regulation to stop customers from creating their own power then other states can too.

So far the only solution to Nevada’s shift on Solar is to have a system that is not tied to the grid, which many states have already enacted regulations.

Read more from Nevada residents here:
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What can people who want to live off the grid do when states are creating new policies to keep us under their thumb? I would love to read your comments below.

How to earn money fast

Residual and Passive Income Ideas

Creating multiple streams of income is the key to a successful work less plan. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, taking the time to review some of the items below might just be the ticket to improving your financial future.

What does Residual Income Mean?

Residual income is any income that keeps on recurring over time. When you add the word passive to residual income the meaning changes slightly. Passive residual income means you setup the income source and it recurs with little to no addition effort on your part.

Rental Properties

A popular source of residual income comes from rental property. However, I personally don’t agree that rentals are a passive source of income. Rental properties require you to keep up with your tenants and there’s maintenance/repair to consider as well. Nevertheless, this can be a great source of income.

Writing eBooks

If you write well then writing an eBooks and selling it online might just be for you. Amazon Kindle is one of the online services that make it easy for someone to self-publish their own work of art. You can choose to write fiction and non-fiction, whatever tickles you’re fancy. This is a great residual and passive income source. Once the book is written and published, Amazon does the rest, and as long as the book is available there a chance to keep collecting revenue. However, when writing an eBook you could advertise it to ensure a steady stream of sales. Here’s an eBook that I have written –

The book walks through the troubled life of Dee Alexander and her usual relationship with her psychologist who is going through her own personal struggles. While Dana and Dee have distinct differences, they share many common bonds, which causes a meltdown. The melt down affects everyone the two women have come into contact with; leaving them with a connection that will never be broken.

Money Investments

Back in the day when bank interest rates were higher, I use to invest in certificates of deposits (CDs). This is still an option day, although the income will be lower. There’s also the stock market if you can stomach the ups and downs.


If you create a blog you can combine multiple streams of income in one place. From a blog you have the option to collect ad revenue and sell products (affiliate and non affiliate products). This blog uses Google Adsense for ad revenue and Amazon to sale affiliate products. If you don’t want to set-up your own WordPress Blog you can choose to use other online article services like HubPages. On site like HubPages all you have to do is just publish articles and they handle the back-end (including managing the revenue source). Just remember, if you set-up a WordPress (.com) blog the income generated is all yours and on sites like HubPages there a percentage that goes to them.

Selling Your Own Products

If you have your own product(s) to sale then sites like eBay and Amazon have fulfillment services for you. Remember, you can set-up your own eCommerce site but that means you have handled the entire sale process yourself.

Earning Revenue From Videos and Images

If you publish videos to YouTube you can monetize your works of art. Monetize your videos only means that Google Adsense ads will display on your videos and you earn ad revenue. You can also use this platform to promote all of the listed items above. For example – make a video about your eBook, on your rental property, or your blog. I use YouTube to publish videos about “My Going Off The Grid Journey”. Click Here to see my Diva Journey from the beginning.
There’s also a service called pond5 where you can sale stock footage (videos) and images. You set your own price and collect the revenue.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

These are just a few revenue generating options to get you start on creating multiple streams of income that are residual and passive sources of income.

frugal living part 2

Frugal Living Does Not Mean Living Poor

You won’t believe this, but many super rich people live frugally – their savvy ways are the reasons why they are rich. Even if you’re not a millionaire you can employ some of their savvy methods making frugal living possible for you too.

Simple Living Tip #1

Never live above your means. Unless you have suffered a major shattering life’s event you should never be spending more than you make. Living below your means doesn’t mean you can’t use credit, it just means you should be able to pay it off at a moment notice. For example: You’re buying a big ticket item. Instead of bring thousands of dollars in your pocket to the store, use your credit card. Just remember that when the statement arrives in the mail at the end of the month you can pay off the full balance. Most credit card companies never charge interest rates on current balance. The interest rates kick in when you let the balance (or a portion of the balance) rollover month after month.

Money Saving Fact: You can’t know if you’re living above or below your means unless you have a finance sheets detailing what is actually coming in and going out.

Simple Living Tip #2

We all should have a finance plan for our future. However, without some sort of spreadsheet it’s impossible to keep track of your money. Setting up a financial spreadsheet can be as easy as an Excel spreadsheet with two columns. You need on column listing your expenses and another listing your sources of income. Most people calculate their financial totals by the month, but you can do it weekly if you like. At the end of each column total the numbers. If you’re expense total is more than your income then the spreadsheet should make it easy for you to locate where you need to reduce your spending or increase your income.

Money Saving Fact: It’s easier to reduce your spending than increase your income.

Money Saving Fact: Who are the Jonese anyway? Never try to live the life of some else. Remember, you are only seeing a partial view. You probably don’t know what they make, how much their stuff really cost, and what deal they where are to make. So, DO YOU!

Simple Living Tip #3

Be savvy like the millionaires of the world. Let’s imagine a business is up for sale. Would a millionaire offer the full purchase price, or negotiate the price based on other factors like: stock price, the overall health of the company, etc. Therefore, you too should consider depreciating value, and timing when making big purchases. Sometimes buying use good is the best option and sometimes it’s not. So weigh all your options first, before making those impulse buys and use coupons when possible.

Money Saving Fact: Many people purchase things that they will never use. If you can’t see yourself using an item in your daily life then don’t make the purchase. For example: When my daughter moved out for college I purchased a riding lawn mower. When I would cut the grass with my daughter — my daughter would do half and I would mow the other half. When she moved I knew it would take me to long to cut the grass by myself. So, I purchased the riding lawn mower.

Simple Living Tip #4

We all keep hearing about going green and living off the grid. And yes, there is an initial start up cost with making this leap. However, in the long run you could be saving big bucks. For example: I’m currently trying to lower my electric bill until I can move totally off the grid. I purchase a 60 watts solar setup (inverter, charge controller, and batteries) for around $400.00. My normal electric bill runs about $75 per month. Since the installation of the solar system I have reduced my electric bill to $35 per month. That means I’m saving $35 dollars per month — and within 12 month the solar system will have paid for itself. But wait, there’s more — my panels are portable, so they serve double duty. I use the same solar setup for my RV when I’m out and about.

Money Saving Fact: Set priorities and not give into spending just to spend money. These tips are not for making you into a millionaire, but to help you get to a more “simple life” in no time.

frugal living

Frugal Living – Money Saving Tips pt 1

If you’re thinking about downsizing, living full time in an RV, or going off the grid like I am, then frugal living is your new reality. It’s been estimated that we all have thousands of dollars worth of stuff that we don’t use stored away in our homes — And if going off the grid is your goal then that number should double. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that money in your pocket then collecting dust?

Frugal Living Room by Room — Simple living at its best

The fastest and more effective way to start your “more simple living” lifestyle is to go room by room. Now, here is a word of caution: You have to be serious about getting rid of some stuff. You cannot be thinking of what these items meant to your past, but what these items can do for your future.

Kitchen – Frugal Living 101

If you’re planning to live off the grid many appliances will just not be feasible — And if you just want to clear out some stuff, consider this: We all have appliances that we bought years ago, some have never been used, others didn’t do exactly what we though it will do. Consider selling these items in a garage/yard sale. Just think those appliances that you have never used should fetch a good penny.

Money Saving Tips for the Living Room and Bedrooms

Because I’m focus on building a smaller home (from 4 bedrooms to 2 bedrooms) that means I have some furniture to sale. You too may have some furniture to sale. Have your kids more out? Take some pictures of the furniture and put them up on Craig’s list, Ebay, and other online sale websites. Experts have suggested that sets of furniture sale better, so keep that in mind.

On To the Gold Mine – Attics, Basements, and Garages

Attics, Basements, and Garages are notorious for storage stuff we have forgotten about — And if you have forgotten about it, you definitely need to sale it. I have baby furniture that I will never use again, duplicated tool sets, luggage sets and a whole lot more. All of these things can be sold to help me on my way to “simple living” while earning me some cash.

This article just list a few ways to save money and help you too live more frugal. If you have some more “ways to save money” or “money saving tips” be sure to list them in the comment section. Stay tuned for some more “ways to save money” articles – coming soon.


Alternative Energy Sources – No More Utilities Bills

Alternative Energy

Do you know just how many ways you could produce your own energy? Below are four ways to generate your own power and get rid of your electric and gas bills. Just think, by creating your own energy you no longer have to rely on utilities companies. You can supply your own heat and electric.

Energy Fact : The average monthly electric bill varies from state to state. However Hawaii’s monthly rate is $203.15 and New Mexico’s monthly rate is $74.62. So, most of the US will fall in between those two rates.

Alternative Energy Sources

Tidal Power
Solar Power
Hydroelectric Power
Wind Power

Defining Alternative Energy Sources

To me alternative energy sources include any source of power you can generate on your own. That means you don’t play a continuing monthly bill. Therefore a generator could be added to this list even though it uses fossil fuel. I think no matter what alternative energy source you decide is best for your situations a generator is a good backup.

Tidal Power

Although oceans that produce tidal waves cover over 70 percent of the earth; many people don’t realized the energy potential. Using a tidal barrage, which is very similar to a damn, it collects water at high tide. Once the correct level is achieved the water is force through turbines which creates energy. Sure, as an individual this alternative energy source may not be possible; but as a country we are missing out.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power was the great alternative energy source of the 20th century. And it’s still great today. Some people living off the grid have designed micro hydroelectric systems. Hydroelectric is clean and green.

Solar Power

I have written post on solar power before, so I will list the link below.
How Do Solar Panels Work?
Planning My Batter Bank
Benefits of Grid Solar Power

Wind Turbine Power

We have all seem a wind mill or two, but did you realize it was creating power? Until I started my off grid journey I didn’t have a clue. Wind turbines work when wind spins the turbine blaze thus creating energy. What the video for more information on Wind Turbines as an alternative energy source.

So, that alternative energy in a nutshell.


How Do Solar Panels Work

Going off the gridWhen I purchased my 2006 Aliner, the first thing I wanted to do was add solar to it. But how do solar panels work to produce energy? We all know you need the sun, but there is so much more going on under that panel.

When you sit a solar panel in the sun it starts using photon to produce energy. This is the same energy that we use as electric for our devices and appliances. A solar panel is made up of several layers. The top and bottom layers are glass that has a protected coating which allows electrons to pass in and out. The energy production happens in the middle layers. Photons hit molecules in the upper middle layer releasing electrons. As the electron travels through the process energy is available for our use.

Depending upon your solar panel you can use the energy directly to 12v (DC) batteries, devices, and appliances. However, most of our consumed energy needs to be in AC form. In order to convert DC energy into AC form you will need three other things.

Storing DC Current from A Solar Panel

In a nutshell, this only means you need batteries. Many people your any type of 12v DC battery. However the experts recommend using a deep cycle battery for solar applications.

DC Current Control

To control the DC current going into the batteries you will need a charge controller. A charge controller does just what is says, controls the charge to you batteries preventing over charging. High-end charge controllers do more like: alerts for battery under charge, reporting input and output, and much more. The kit above includes a charge controller.

DC Converter

A DC converter is known as an inverter. It converts DC power into AC current so that we can run normal household appliances. Two things to know about inverters: Know how many watts each appliance using and Pure Sine vs Modified Sine. Inverters are rated by how many watts can be produced safely. For example: My microwave uses 700 watts, that means my inverter should be rated over 700 watts plus room for peak energy on start up. Therefore, if you are running the microwave and the TV at the same time, you must add the watts together. Pure sine experts say are for sensitive electron. If you plan to run a lot of electrons you may want to concern the more expensive Pure Sine Inverter.

So, that’s how solar panels work.


Benefits Of Off Grid Solar Power

Going Off The Grid

There are many benefits for using solar. Here we will discussion some of the top benefits of off grid solar power and why they are important.

First let’s get the answer to some questions:

Did you choose your power company? Chances are no

Do you have a say in how they charge you? Absolutely, No

Do they discuss rate increases with you? Certain not

Can you decided to power your home another way? Good news, the answer to this question is YES.

The biggest benefit without question is the freedom it provides. Generating your own power grants freedom from the utility companies and their monthly bills. It also means you are creating power that is renewable. Therefore you are no relying on a third party for your daily power needs. That equals independence.




The second benefit is the money you save by creating your own power. If the electric company decides to increase its rates that will not directly impact you. Your budget can remain the same no matter what the electric company decides to do. Now that is a great feeling. Now you have cash to do other things.

Another important benefit is when the lights go out it won’t impact you. When a blackout affects over 3 million people you won’t be one of them. When you generate your own power you are not subject to electric company problems. Your grid will remain up as long as you have the necessary systems in place.


After you have installed an off grid solar system you are helping the environment. You are not one of the billions that are polluting the atmosphere. Now that is another benefit that should make you feel good.

Top Benefits for Going Off The Grid

Lose Of Service Protection

Here are some cost associated with setting up an off grid solar power system

Solar Panels  - Determine how much power you need to generate and purchase the correct number of solar panels for your system.

Solar Charge Controller – Determine how many amps your solar panels are producing and purchase the correct number of charge controllers for your system.

Batteries – Go to your local auto part distributor and purchase the required number of batteries for your system. The more batteries you purchase the large your battery bank. (Required means the number of days you wish to run in back-up mode, that’s for rainy days and days when there is no sun).  The best batteries to buy are deep cycle batteries.  They normally cost around $100 dollars each.

Inverter – The larger the inverter the better. You can run more and larger appliance with an inverter that offers more watts.

Generating your own power offers many benefits.