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Best Portable USB Battery Charger

Best Portable USB Battery Charger

Never go without charged AA or AAA batteries again. Using a portable USB battery charger is perfect for camping, travelling, emergency preparedness and outdoor activities; not to mention all of the household devices that require batteries.

If you have ever had a TV remote that needed batteries in the middle of the night, then a portable USB battery charger is a best buy item. The USB battery charger listed below charges AA and AAA batteries from almost any USB power source.

How To Use A Portable Battery Charger

Put your rechargeable batteries into the charger – You cannot use standard batteries; they must be labeled as rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries are designed to discharge electricity and then be charged over and over, while standard batteries are designed just to release storage energy once.

Make sure your USB battery charger is connected to a power source. If you have access to regular household electric, plug you laptop in and use it as an energy source. If you’re in a vehicle with an USB port, use it as an energy source. There are adapters that work in cars without USB port via the cigarette lighter. If you have access to solar and use an inventor, many of them have a usable USB port to use as a charging source. Believe it or not, but some TV have USB ports that can be use as an energy source.

Make sure the indicator light shows the batteries are being charged.

That’s it! You are now charging your batteries for use at a later date.

The Sunlightjack USB Battery Charger allows you to charge batteries anywhere, and whenever you want. The charger provides charging capabilities of up to four batteries at one time. The unit only requires 5 volts of power to operate. This charging device works fast, and efficiently. It is constructed with heavy duty materials providing for years of use and only weights 4.8 ounces. Most batteries will fully charge within 5 hours.

The SunJack USB Battery charger is just 4.5 x 2.8 x 1 inches make it perfect to carry with you anywhere. If you use AA or AAA batteries for any device the SunJack USB Battery Charger is a must have.


Buying My First Generator – Which Is The Best?

Help me select the best generator. Use the poll below to indicate which generator you would buy. The one with the most votes is the generator I will purchase. Thanks for helping a Diva with no equipment/mechanical experience out!

Champion Global Wireless Remote Inverter 3100w Generator 75537i Champion 2000w 4 stroke Portable Inverter Generator 73536i Westinghouse WH200iXLT 1800w Digital inverter Generator
Weighting in at 95 lbs (27″ x 18.5″ x 17.5″) this generator is quiet at just 58 Dba, which is great for not disturbing your neighbors. The engine automatically idles which reduced your fuel consumption and save on the wear and tear of the generator’s engine. Comes with a remote start that operates up to 80 feet away with delay.

Weighting in at 48 lbs (16″ x 19″ x 13″) this generator is quiet (producing 53 Dba) and is CARB compliant Weighting in at 43 lbs (20.3″ x 12.5″ x 17.8″) this is a 4 stroke OHV generator with peak watts at 2200. Buy two and connect them together.

Which Generator Would You Buy

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Don’t like any of these generators? List which generator you like in the comments.


Planning My Battery Bank

I have been reading a lot about solar battery banks and what is recommended. So, here’s my plan for my battery bank.

I will be purchasing 6 Everstart Maxx 29 Marine Deep Cycle batteries. These batteries are rated at 125 amp hours each and cost around $100. Since I will be connecting the batteries in parallel that will give me a grand total of 750 amp hours.

Here is the formula to calculate how many watts you have with your size battery bank: Amp Hour x # of batteries x volt

However, it is recommended not to discharge your battery bank more than 50%. So, here is the revised formula: Amp Hour x # of batteries x volt / 2

Therefore my total watts from my projected battery bank: 125 x 6 x 12/2 = 4500 usable watts.

I will also be purchasing an inverter and battery cables. I’m thinking a 2000 watt inverter will do the trick.  Remember, you don’t have to turn on all your appliances at once.

The battery cables that I plan to buy will have to be cut. I will cut them to size and connect new ends.

Here is my cost breakdown:

6 Everstart Maxx 29 Marine Deep Cycle batteries $100
2000 watt inverter $200
Battery cables $25
Terminal End $12

The next step will be calculating how many watts each device uses and how much I use them. So, stay tuned…


RV Air Freshener

A Fresh Smelling Room

If you are looking for a way that keeps your RV smelling fresh and clean try using the Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener.  It’s great for off grid application because it runs off of two AA batteries.  If you purchase the freshmatic kit you get the sprayer and one scent can.  After that you just need to purchase fragrance refills.  Get rid of those unpleasant odors and stale air with this great air freshener today.


Here are the fragrances and scents that are available:

Fresh Water

Snuggle Fresh

Island Paradise

Cool Linen (my favorite)

Lavender and Chamomile

Apple Cinnamon Medley

National Park

Vanilla Indulgence

Glistening Cinnamon Rolls

Bake Apple Strudel



The Air Wick Automatic Spray works on 4 different settings.  You can choose to have it spay once every 9 minutes, once every 18 minutes, once every 27 minutes, or once every 36 minutes.   It also has a motion detector which triggers the sprayer.  I use the 36 minute setting which allows the scent can to last up to 60 days and the batteries to be changed less than once per year.

Since purchasing the Air Wick air freshener I have freed my RV from unwanted odors even with the windows close.  The strong fragrances over powers odors like cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, and stale air making it comfortable inside my RV.

Setup was easy.  All I did was pop in the two AA batteries, insert the fragrance can, selected a spray setting, and put it on the shelf.  If you have a larger RV then I do, you can move the unit because it’s small and portable.  I have own this unit for a number of years and it still works prefect.  Air Wick has even developed new scents.  I originally love the scent peach which is no longer available.  I tried Island Paradise but didn’t quite like this scent.  So now I’m hooked on Cool Linen.  I have even matched this scent with my disinfectant wipes.  I use my Air Wick Freshener with the wipes in the bathroom of my RV; however my RV is so small that the fragrance lingers throughout.

I like this air freshener because there is no fuss.  Set it up and forget it until it needs a refill.  And refilling the unit is a breeze.  Just insert a new fragrance can.  Purchase your Air Wick Air Freshener Today.


RV Voltage Booster Autoformer 30 Amps

It’s camping season again and one of the worst things that could happen is blowing up your RV’s electrical system.  Using an autoformer helps you know that your RV is getting the correct amount of amps and volts while avoiding costly repairs and equipment replacement.

We are all aware that at camp sites there are different types of hook ups.  Some sites offer 30 amps, others offer 50 amps, and there are still some older camp grounds that offer regular household outlets; but not all electric hookups are what they said.  Some RV parks electrical output can be much higher or lower than what the hookup indicate.



Some RV parks suffer from low voltage which results in low amperage; while other camping grounds suffer from high voltage which results in high amperage.  Whether or not the electrical hookup provides too low of a voltage or too high of an amperage the results are the same, damages to your RV and your RV’s appliances.  Using incorrect electric voltage cause your RV’s appliances to overheat which limits the life of that appliance.  An autoformer stops this type of damage from occurring.

Autoformers work by providing surge suppression protection and/or high amp spike protection when too much current is present.  It also increases or boosts the voltage or amperage when not enough current is present.  So, your RV is protected in two ways while using an autoformer.   This 30 amp autoformer comes with a built in ground and has a capacity up to 3600 watts.  While the autoformer is in use you can rest easy knowing the unit’s internal transformer is doing all the work and protecting your RV.  Simply look at the diagnostic lights located on the unit to be reassured that everything is working properly.

Using the RV voltage booster autoformer 30 amp unit is easy.  Simply plug the autoformer into the camp ground electrical outlet.  Then plug your RV into the autoformer.  The unit does everything else.  The unit weights 24 pounds and measures just 12 inches in height, 5 inches in width, and has a 5 inch diameter.  Use a chain and lock to prevent the unit from being stolen or permanently locate and mount the unit inside your RV.

Don’t wait to protect your RV.  Protect your RV now by purchasing a RV voltage booster autoformer .  These units are also sold for 50 amp requirements too.


Solar Power Laptop Charger – Soladec Hybrid All In One

Solar Power Charger

Looking for a solar power charger for your laptop?  Look no more, you have come to the right place.  The Soladec Hybrid all in one solar charger is an all in one portable solar device for your laptop.  The charger features an external battery pack that will surely get your laptop charged.

This solar device has the latest and greatest features in the industry.  It’s built with an ultra energy efficient solar modular that charges a lithium battery and has a built-in stand.   It also features a unique SOS feature for those times you need help.  The SOS functions with the help of the built-in LED light that can flash to indicate you need help. The solar panel is a monocrystalline panel built to last and very durable.  The panel is made not to shatter.  The battery can hold a charge for over 2 years without being recharged and built to withstand charge after charge.  Lithium batteries usually have a life span of over 50,000 hours.   It’s an all in one hybrid because you can recharge your devices by USB, wall plug, or by direct sunlight.  So, for those times when you do have grid power this device is still usable, and when you have only direct sunlight this device is essential.



Use this device to charge all of you USB gadgets while on the go, in emergency situation, or for everyday applications.   The Soladec Hybrid Solar Power Charger weight just under 13 ounces and measure 7.4 x 4.4 x 0.8 inches, making it the perfect portable solar power device that doesn’t take up too much space.   For those who are off the grid, this product is a must have.  Never again be left without the essential power that you need.   During the day charge your portable devices and at night rest easy knowing you have power if you need it.

Set it and forget it.  Charge your smart phone, laptop, tablet, camera and much more with this solar device.  The unit has an automatic shut off to prevent over charging.  In less than a day have your portable devices fully charge and ready to use with no fear of overcharging again.  The Soladec Hybrid Solar Charger is great for off grid applications like camping, fishing, boating, hiking or everyday uses.  The charger is easy to use and won’t let you down.

What’s In The Box

When you purchase the Soladec Hybrid Charger you get a USB cable, carrying case, and wrist mount.  Purchase this unit today.

I have not personally used this device or product yet, therefore I have not given the device a grade. Please comment on your experience with the device or product and I will update its score based on your experiences.


Amazon Fire TV Another Off The Grid Entertainment Device

The New Streaming Video Device: Amazon Fire TV

I have talked about Chromecast but now Amazon has entered the streaming video device arena with the new Amazon Fire TV unit.

As I have written before, Chromecast didn’t work with Kindle and now we know why. Amazon has released its own streaming digital device called Amazon Fire TV. The device is a tiny box with an intuitive remote that plugs into your HDTV. With the fire TV unit you will be able to watch Netflix, Prime, Instant Video Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, Crackle, ESPN and much more.

Unlike the Chromecast the Amazon Fire has build-in voice recognize features. Now just speak what you want to watch. Watch what you want, when you want, where you want. The unit features a powerful processor. The processor is a quad core with a dedicated GPU. With its claimed smooth interface and 1080p video playback watching TV with the Fire should be fun and clear. The unit also promises to provide wonderful sound quality via Dolby digital plus surround sound.

To sweeten the pot, Amazon has added some games. The games included with the device are Minecraft, The Walking Dead and a few others. They have also released the new game called Sev Zero from their game studio. The new Sev Zero game can be played via the Fire TV or Kindle tablet. There is even a game controller that you can purchase separately. Amazon is hitting the market hard with their new device.



The unit is less than an inch thick. Now that’s tiny. Hooking the device to your HDTV is simple. Like other streaming devices the unit hooks via an HDMI connection. Amazon claims the device will be easy to use and setup. With two simple steps you could have access to the massive selections for your viewing pleasure. What more could you ask for?

Here’s the Streaming Device Breakdown

Amazon Fire TV has voice search, HDMI video out of up to 1080p, Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, Optical audio out, a quad-core processor, 2 gb of memory, dual band and antenna Wi-Fi, and comes with a remote. Cost $99

Chromecast doesn’t have voice search, or Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, or Optical audio out, or comes with a remote. However Chromecast does have a single-processor, 512 mb of memory, and Single band Wi-Fi connection. Cost $35

The Amazon Fire TV measure 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.7″ and weights just under 10 ounces. The unit runs on a soc platform called Qualcomm snapdragon and has a Qualcomm Krait 00 processor, which is a quad core processor.

What’s In The Box

In the Amazon box you will find the Amazon Fire TV unit, Remote, 2 AAA batteries for the remote, instruction manual, and a power adapter. The HDMI cable will have to be purchase separately along with the game controller.

Purchase the New Amazon Fire TV Now!

I have not personally used this system yet therefore I have not given the device a grade.  Please comments on your experience with the device and I will update based on my visitors experiences.