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Learn How To Protect Your Personal Information From The Heartbleed Bug

On the internet you are not as safe as you think. Usually a bug or virus attacks before the matter is released to the public. Believe it or not, The Heartbleed bug has been around for over two years and unnamed. Now named, the bug is continuing to hitting online companies across America as we speak. This online computer bug named Heartbleed is truly awful. You can imagine from the name that the bug is attacking with venom. It has been reported the two thirds of all companies using encrypted Open SSL software have been impacted. This is a major security leak that you can help to stop. Learn how you can protect your computer and personal information from this bug and the criminals behind it.



The people responsible for this bug can see what you are doing online. Even if the information is encrypted like your credit card or bank account numbers are not safe. This bug allows the end user to see encrypted data as it is past from your computer to the respected company. Other information the bug maker is looking for:

Address Information
Social Security Number
Credit Card Number
Bank Account Number

The Heartbleed bug focuses on information past through the encryption software names open SSL. If the online site that you are visiting has the little padlock in the address bar it means it uses Open SSL software. Open SSL is a secure socket use by many online companies. Some companies like YouTube, Instagram, and Wikipedia have taken the necessary steps to prevent leaking your data. However other companies like Chase, LinkedIn, and Paypal say that their sites were not infected. Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston says they have a two step authentication process where you have to have both your password and your phone to login.

Tip 1

Don’t change your password right away. If an online site you visit has been infected they will ask you to change your password. Companies that have been infected need to provide a fix first. If you change your password now and continue using the site your effort are in vain. After a fix has been completed they will request you to change your password possible via an email. However, don’t use the link in the email. Go directly to the requesting website and change your password.

Tip 2

Until this Heartbleed bug is a thing of the past, avoid using online banking and mobile banking apps. It is better to be safe than sorry. Although it may be an inconvenience, act likes it 1999.

Tip 3

Always check, confirm, and review your bank account s and bill statements. There could be a number of things happening on the internet that you are not aware of. Catching errors as they happen is a great line of defense.