cinder block foundation or concrete slab

Cinder Block Foundation or Concrete Slab

What is a Cinder Block?

Cinder Blocks also known as Cement Blocks, or concrete blocks are lightweight, formed blocks made out of a cement and sand mixture. They are usually hollow and rectangular. These building blocks are used heavily in the construction industry.

What is a Concrete Slab?

A concrete slab is a flat base formed with concrete and usually reinforced with rebar (a steel rod); which is embedded in the concrete before it dries. Most slabs are 4 inches to 20 inches thick, with respect to the structure being built on it.

Which is Better?

They are many factors to consider before you choose which foundation to use. Depending on what you’re building and where you’re building are huge reasons why one foundation may be better than another.

Here’s a List of Facts to Help you Determine Which Foundation is Best:

Your Budget – How far will the concrete mixer have to travel? Depending on your location it may be very costly to hire a concrete mixer. Although the distance is an obvious factor, access to the job site should also be considered. Are there trees, an incline, or even a road for the mixing truck? Your budget may be the deciding factor why the cheaper cinder block foundation is a better choice.

Your Contractor – Which foundation is your contractor familiar with? Some areas don’t have plenty of options when it comes to hiring a contractor; and it’s important that your contractor knows what they’re doing for the task to be successful. Some plumbing contractors prefer cinder block construction because it allows for easy access; for installation and future service calls.

Environmental Considerations – It has been said; concrete slab resist water better than cinder blocks. However, you can spend a little extra money on a waterproof membrane. What is the soil conditions like? Soil condition is another factor why one foundation may be used verses another. If you select a cinder block foundation it is essential that the footings can be firmly placed in the soil.

As always, there’s no right answer. There are many factors to consider before you select which foundation is best for your project. Weight all the odds and choose wisely.