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Critical Over My Life Changes… Why?

Why are people being so critical over terms when it’s the life change that really matters? Are you living off grid, or homesteading, or prepping? Does it really matter if you take practices from each that fits your life preferences best?

Does It Really Matter?

I’ve been slowly changing my lifestyle for some time now. And of course every huge life change deserves some time. Over the course of my journey I have run into people who are very critical over terms instead of the shift or overall progress.

Example 1: I wrote a blog post explaining how I was going to live in my travel trailer off grid until my new smaller off grid home was completed. This is one of the comments I got as a result… sorry you are living frugally. It was followed by… how do you obtain gas for your vehicle or obtain parts and supplies for your solar? The commentator also had a lot to say about internet usage as well.

I didn’t reply but I wanted to say – If the power grid goes out, who won’t be sitting in the dark.

Before I go too far into the dark side let me say this … I write many of my blog post for advice or help with one thing or another; also to share and document my journey… “A Diva’s Journey”.

Example 2: I wrote a blog post about Nevada’s new solar policies. This is one of the comments I got as a result … Previously, Nevada (taxpayers/power customers) subsidized solar power by selling power to solar power producers at a reduced cost. They also bought solar power from the producers at an artificially inflated price. Nevada didn’t pass any regulation to kill solar power; they are removing subsidies that keep it on life support. Unless you want to subsidize or be on the government teat, you should see this as a good thing.

I didn’t reply but I wanted to say – I plan to use batteries to store energy from my solar setup not an on grid system. This post was written to show how shift in policies can affect us all.

I have also gotten some feedback about being a woman and taking the journey alone… really!

Don’t get me wrong I have also had positive feedback and great advice too. And I want to thank those people for their words. Changing one’s entire life comes with doubt that I have been able to overcome thanks to inspiring words.

Everybody has a right to their own opinion; however some of the comments I read on my site and others are very critical over nothing. I want to inspire people to make any steps that they can to improve their lives. Whether you are off grid, homesteading, or prepping I hope all is well and encourage you to share your journey.