Solar Battery Options

How Many Batteries Do You Have Running Your Solar System?

Wouldn’t it be great to run your entire house with one battery and a few solar panels? In the near future it may be possible to reduce the number of batteries it takes to run your solar setup. In this article I plan to explore the different battery options in the marketplace.

First things first … why do I need batteries? If you have solar panels you need a way to store daytime energy for nighttime use; hence batteries. In 2011 it was reported that the average US Home uses 940 kWh per month.

Currently, Tesla is the company that you think of when we talk about batteries perfect for use with our solar systems. Tesla has been developing the Powerwall that could change the way will store solar power. The battery is one huge lithium-ion battery that claims to last for 10 years. The current Powerwall model is 4x3x7, and designed to hang on the wall (interior or exterior) – hence the name “Powerwall”. Telsa offers a 7kWh and a 10kWh battery. Here are the stats: Peak output 3.3 KW, continuous output 2 KW.

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

Did you know that other companies are designing batteries for use with your solar system?

Samsung 3.6kWh



Some people living off the grid are using forklift batteries. Forklift batteries provide higher solar storage capabilities.

Most people using batteries with their solar system use standard 12v automotive batteries, which are labeled as deep cycle marine or 6v golf cart batteries. I guess off grid people use these types of batteries because RV’s have used them forever and they do work. However, RVs were designed for short use (here and there); although people are full timing in RVs. The drawback with these types of batteries is the number you need to run a whole house.