How To Earn Money Fast

How To Earn Money Fast Anywhere

Is it possible to earn money from anywhere? Yes, over the past year I have been researching and testing some of the many ways you can earn money anywhere. My goal is to reach $700.00 dollars per month to go along with my off grid lifestyle change.

Earning Small Amounts Of Money Quickly

The key to earning money quickly is to use multiple sources. Over the past year I have been able to earn approximately $400.00 per/month.

How I earn money fast:

-Affiliate Marketing
–Selling Your Products/Knowledge
–Selling Your Services

Earning Money as an Affiliate Marketer – I have been and Amazon Associate for years; and yes, the income varies from month to month. I use it in conjunction with my blog, which I will discuss farther in the “selling your products/knowledge” section of this post. However, you can earn a small monthly income from being an affiliate. Many companies have affiliate programs, so choose the best fit. Some popular affiliate programs are: Ebay, Amazon, ClickBank …

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Selling Your Products/Knowledge – I recently purchased a new camera and started selling stock photos on Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5 Pond5 Stock Footage. I haven’t earned from it yet, however I know others who have earned a descent monthly income. I actually earn more money from my knowledge… Blogging. On my blog I share my knowledge and tips from others. The money comes from the ads that are on the site. I have also written several eBooks and plan to write more.

My eBook

Selling Your Services – This is where I make the bulk of the $400.00 dollar monthly income. I’m on the computer most of the day… so doing small task for Odesk and Mturk is easy. On Odesk I complete task like: generating spreadsheets, creating databases, and some data entry. On Mturk I mainly carry out data entry task and completing surveys. I recently open up a Fiverr account where I have offer animation services. I just completed my first order… so the jury is still out on Fiverr, but I plan to stick with it. Check out my Fiverr offers– Click Here

Since, I’ve found out what works best for me and have enforced a schedule I plan to earn more. The key to earning money fast is to pick what comes easiest to you. I know there are many other sources out there… so use the comment section below to share.