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Preparing To Live Off Grid Has Improved My Life

Preparing to live Off Grid has improved my life on many fronts. Not only have I saved money, I have also learned how to react to issues like power outages. Whether you live off grid or not … you can benefit from these methods listed below.

How Preparing To Live Off Grid Saved Me Money

The main reason I want to live off grid is to stop utility companies from continuing issuing price increase whether or not I get an income increase to match the new price. We have all opened a utility bill to find that without notice the rate has increased and there’s nothing you can do about it.

In my journey to go off grid I moved into my RV. I know it might sound extreme but it served three purposes. The first purpose resulted in me experiences how I could live long term in an RV. The second purpose showed me how much I saved in utility cost. The third purpose revealed that I like living tiny. Who knew?

Although I’m parked at the house I use solar to power the RV with reduces the electricity bill at the house. Believe it or not, heating my RV is cheaper then heating a whole house. Another perk that was unexpected is the benefit I received while selling my existing home. I can’t tell you have frustrating it is to pick up and leave at a moment notice when there’s a house showing. Because I’m living in the RV that issue has been resolved.

You can check out my journey this far by viewing the video below… but don’t you want to know how must I’ve saved?

My electric bill is now under $30 dollars a month.
My gas bill is now under $25 dollars a month in the dead of winter.

How Preparing To Live Off Grid Helped In Situations Unexpectedly

I live in an area that brings snow, ice, and storms in winter. And as a result of bad weather people in this area are use to power outages. However, which is still amazing to me … no one prepares to lose power. I don’t think any of my neighbors have generations, and most have gas power fire places. Over a decade ago I had a wood burning stove installed in my home. I also have a wood burning fire place. I remember a neighbor saying, “A wood burning fire place leaves a mess”. I also remember that same neighbor asking to come over when the power is out. The wood burning stove provides heat, a cooking surface, and light when the power is out. The wood burning stove is one of the best investments I have ever made.

The last power outage in this area happened just over a month ago. Because I now live in the RV I didn’t notice the power had gone out. I was able to prepare meals, heat, and run lights when my neighbors were cold and in the dark. I allowed my next door neighbor to come over and she was worried about the food spoiling in her refrigerator. I on the other hand didn’t have a care in the world. The refrigerator in the RV can run off propane. And the longer the power was out the happier I got. The power being out means I can expect a lower electric bill.

Even if you don’t plan to live off grid this article can help you know how to be off grid in cases of emergency. You don’t have to be as extreme as I am… by living in an RV, but having alternatives for heating, cooking and lights is a good idea. So, PREPARING TO LIVE OFF GRID HAS IMPROVED MY LIFE! I can’t wait to be completely Off Grid.