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The Best Way to Prevent Sewer Smells In Your RV

Whether you own a class A, B, C or travel trailer it’s important to prevent that dreaded sewage smell. Learn the best ways to care for your black tank and prevent sewer odors in your RV.

Get Control Over Your Smelly RV

Have you ever open the door to your RV and smelled that dreaded poop smell? If the answer is, Yes than this article is for you. There are ways to prevent sewage odors from permeating your RV. The fact is, most RV owners think all they need to do is dump the black tank; but they’re wrong. With a few simple tips you can prevent toilet smells from ever forming.

The first tip might sound obvious but many RV owners overlook this step. Proper ventilation is the key to rid unwanted sewer gas smells. Make sure all the vents in your RV are open, free, and clear of debris. If your black tank has a vent make sure that is also in good working order. My travel trailer has a cassette toilet and there are no additional vents. In this case, just crack a few windows and use the ceiling vents to circulate air throughout the space.

Another item to check to make sure sewer gases aren’t escaping into your RV is the toilet seal. The toilet seal can be found inside the bowl at the bottom. Make sure the seal is not cracked or brittle. If the toilet isn’t sealed properly no matter what you do sewer smells will escape.

How To Replace The Seal On An RV Toilet

Even though this is not the favorite RV task, and dreaded my most RV owners it’s important to flush your black tank after you dump it. Some newer RVs have a system designed to flush the tanks. If your RV doesn’t have a built-in flush system, don’t worry. Simply get a bucket of water while the black tank is still connected to the dump station and pour the water down the toilet. Repeat this step as needed. If you have a cassette toilet, just fill with clean water and dump until the cassette is rinsed thoroughly.

There are plenty of RV toilet chemicals you can buy to help prevent odors. I would suggest purchasing any brand chemical that is septic safe. Why septic safe? Most RV Parks have septic systems, so be a good owner and purchase chemicals that won’t harm the RV Park’s sewer system. Be sure to read the directions on the chemical bottle. It will tell you how long it will be actively working. Some RV owners only dump the black tank when it is full. However the chemicals may have stopped working a week ago. So, reading how long the chemicals are actively controlling black tank sewer gases is important.

Following the simple steps listed above will help you control sewer smells in your RV. Dealing with your RV black tank might not be the most enjoyable task but your nose will thank you for it later.