living off the grid

Where Is It Illegal To Live Off The Grid

Every State has housing codes which are also known as building codes and International Property Maintenance codes. Many of these codes require homes to be connected to various utilities; like electric, water, and sewer. So, how are people getting off the grid legally?

Knowing The Codes In Your State

I’ve done a lot of research for my State and it is illegal to live off the grid in certain areas of the state. Most of these restrictions apply to people living within the city limits. However, just outside the city limits living off the grid is possible. For example, my state doesn’t have sewer lines running throughout the state; therefore, using a septic system is quite the norm. It is also true that water lines are mainly found in the city limits; therefore, having a well is essential.

However, there is a catch. When you apply for a permit for a well or septic system… buried in the small print it states that if the respective lines are run in the future you will be required to connect to them. I’m just banking that they will not take on the added expense to run lines since they haven’t yet.

Why Are States So Strongly Opposed to Off Grid Living?

I guess, “why some States are so strongly opposed to off grid living?” is a loaded question because there are so many answers to that question. Officially, some city officials have said that not being connected to running water is a health issue, or that not properly disposing waste materials contaminates public spaces. I guess we can all agree with that, but doesn’t a well provide running water?

Others think the answer to “why some States are so strongly opposed to off grid living” fall under a conspiracy with utility companies; and there’s still the possibilities that States do not want to lose control over its tax dollars.

If you are planning to live off the grid, you should know that there are States more opposed to living off the grid than others. Texas and Florida have been reported to be at the top of that list.

How To Choose The Best Land For Off Grid Living

I have found that in my State, looking for property that has a mobile home on it is the best option. The properties where these mobile homes are located on are zoned AR. AR stands for agriculture residency. Many of these mobile homes are connected to an existing septic system and well… and as an added bonus the State’s new policies frown on single wide mobile homes. Therefore, the State does its best to help you if you plan on putting up a traditional structure. Now I know what you tiny house (on wheels) people are saying, “That doesn’t include me”; and you are right. I do plan on putting up a tiny house; however it will be on a permanent structure to comply with the regulations of my State.

So, where is it illegal to live off grid? You have to research the codes in your area and adjust your plans to meet the requirements. I know it seems like “too much” red tape, and I agree. However, I would rather meet all the requirements then be continuously hassled in the future.